Mitra McQuilton (Asgharzadeh)

Thread Painting Gallery



The Gallery

This gallery gives examples of Mitra's work, which has been sold.

If you are interested in Originals or Commissions please contact us by email: Click here for Contact &  Information.

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The copyright on all images is held by Mrs M McQuilton

Mrs M McQuilton
Mrs M McQuilton
Oak Tree
Arboretum Autumn
The Meadow






Summer Garden

Mountain Vista

Bluebell Tree

Poppy Drive









Daisy Meadow

Poppy Meadow








Lupin Cottage

White Daffodil

Daffodil Field







Bluebell Copse

Country Cottage

Daffodil Wood

Wild Flowers





Sunflower Meadow


Bluebell Hill







Climbing Rose

Summer Foxglove

Birch Grove

Spring Trees





Bluebell Woodland Vista

Canal Walkway





Woodland Green

Bluebell River



The Woods
Thatched Cottage
Wisteria Archway


Spring Poppies

Poppy Field (a)

Spring Magnolia



Woodland Poppies

Cottage Roses

Foxglove Meadow


French Sunflowers

Hollyhock Abstract (a)

Summer Meadow



Picture MU-1

Picture MU-2

Arranged Garden Flowers

Water Lilies




Orange & Yellow Poppies

Bluebell Trail

Poppy Bloom





Red Poppies

Rhododendron Wood

Japanese Cherry 




Westonbirt Arboretum

Poppy Field (b)

Bluebell Woodland



White Poppy

Blue Poppy



Autumn in Canada

Poppies in Wiltshire

Poppy Field (c)  



Butchard Gardens

Poppy Pair 

Bluebell Field

 Meadow Landscape Poppy Pasture  Woodland Bluebells Bluebell Walk
Rapeseed Field & Bluebells Poppy Coppice   Sunflower Copse Lavender Field
Poppy Downs  White Daisies  Red & White Poppies  Orange Poppy 
Bluebell Scene  Sunflower Field Farmer's Field
Poppy  Poppy Meadow (b)  Wisteria (a)  Poppies in France
Bluebell Sunrise Tree Garden   Autumn  
Vivid Iris  Daffodil Valley  Clematis  Single Poppy 
Spring Bluebell Woods Rapeseed
Westonbirt Bluebells Rapeseed Meadow  Lupins 
Early Spring Cottage Garden Yellow Lupin   Poppy Meadow (b)
Poppies in My Garden Clematis Trellis Springtime Cherry Tree & River
Poppies in Provence  Bluebells in Scotland Corn and Poppy   Meadow Flowers
Arboretum Bluebells Cornfield (b) Wild Roses  Bluebells in Arboretum
Wild Daisies   Ramsons Wood Bluebells in Wiltshire  
Iris in the Field French Meadow Water Lillies in the Pond
Meadow  Meadow Copse (b) Blue Poppy Wood Pink Wild Flowers
Spring Meadow 1 Spring in Arboretum Spring Meadow 2 Clematic (c)
Autumn in Westonbirt Garden Poppy Through the Archway The Oak Tree
Wild Meadow 2 Sunflower Array Single Sunflower  Rapeseed Field   
Lake District Wisteria Archway Cherry Tree     Summar Corn Field
Through the Wood  Cyclamen Wood Bells in Westonbirt  Autumn Abstract 
Yellow Daffodil  White Daisy  Meadow 2  Wild Meadow
Sunflowers in France Poppy Wood Hollyhock Garden   Foxglove Garden 
Meadow Field Spring Primrose Water Lillies  Red Hollyhocks 
Lavender Field 2 Autumn Oak  Poppy 1 The Leaning Tree 
Spring b Daffodil Abstract Wild Roses Meadow Copse
Corn with Poppy  Meadow 3  Daisies & Sweet Peas Meadow 4
Cornfield & Poppy  Red & White Poppy African Elephant